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Sincerely thanks to all those who left and will leave a thought, a witness .... 

Silvia, Fabiano e Silvio

"... Thank you for CD" Sweet Feeling ", I listened to it and I think both you and Maestro Celeghin can be satisfied.
I have been and I am really delighted about the good result of the whole work ... you have been great! "

Ennio Morricone
Rome 29 October 2002




Dear Fabiano, I attended the concert of the trio DolceSentire in  the Sanctuary of Boccadirio Sunday, 11/07/2010. I loved it! The organist Silvio, the soprano Silvia. and you, gave a testimony of faith (even by Alessia, narrator) you were wonderful! The readings and your performances were not only perfect, but able to transmit all your mind, share what the music in your soul spread.
Good, good yet! Thanks again for the wonderful moments that you have made me enjoy, giving me your beautiful performances.

Suor Isabella Macchioni Figlia dell'Oratorio. Boccadirio 11/07/2010


I an Antonio Terzi, and I'm part of the Community Steering Alzano Lombardo's shops, where you had a concert playing for us last Saturday.
I am writing to express my most sincere thanks for your performance and of course your colleagues. You have helped us with your class and professional performance to spend an unforgettable evening with our fellow citizens and those from elsewhere.
We hope to host you again in the next opportunity!

Antonio Lombardo Alzano June 26, 2010


 ... .. beautiful the texts  read before each song  during the singing performance  of  last Christmas in the church of Regina Pacis Cusano Milanino.
Many of those pieces  were taken from letters of Maria Theresa of Calcutta but in any case they all were very touching and ... proposing them as starting point for reflections which is always very useful for all of us.
Thank you in advance and renew my compliments for that wonderful evening.

December 15, 2009

I attended your concert in Cusano Milanino, the 12/15/2009, and I wanted to congratulate you of the trio "SolceSentire.
Your concert has been really wonderful, the performers are technically perfect and able to move. I want to commend on  the choice of the songs and of the accompanying texts. Then, if the two musicians allow me, I want to say that in particular the singing of Silvia in the Magnificat (that I did not know at all)  has really excited and moved. I hope to hear you again. Congratulations and thanks.

Cusano Milanino December 15, 2009

Slowly dies who does not listen to music .......................
............. Thanks for the concert  of last Friday in Fontaniva ......


I attended your concert in my country (it was the first time, I did not know you) at the end of September and yesterday night in Loreggia.
Please accept my most sincere congratulations for your performances: I have been very impressed and enthusiastic.
I'm not a real technical connoisseur, but I like music, a lot, especially when it gives  the emotions you give.
My special thanks also to the narrator Alessia, she gives a considerable help  in appreciating the  music. I'd love to have the text of "Desiderata" ... ancient manuscript found in a church in an American town of which I cannot remember the name...



Hello Fabiano, we met at the magnificent concert of Castello di Fiemme. First of all I congratulate you for your CD, it is a pleasure to hear such a sublime work ... can you  inform us on upcoming dates of DolceSentire? .. Congratulations again.

Paul and Pinuccia

Hello, my name is Marinella, I live in Cesena and I bought your CD "Sweet Feeling".
I listened to it many times and I really liked it.
I want to congratulate with all of you, both for the choice of songs (that I love very much) and for the exceptional  execution! Listening to it gave me serenity and I think I  will buy some other copies to give as a present at Christmas. I share the ideals and valors  you express in the dedication, that are unfortunately becoming rare in today's world!



Last night I sat enchanted in the church of San Vigilio to listen: I want to thank you for what you can communicate while playing, because you can reach the soul, thank you for the emotion you let mefeel.
I also congratulate with all of you for the originality that you have dedicated to  the concert, you know how to make music become more than an art, the simplicity with which you create wonder. I never finish to discover the infinite nuances of music, the endless possibilities of expression of each instrument placed in expert hands and played with  heart .... I apologize for this intrusion into your world, but I hope that you appreciate  to talk with your fans (I am writing while listening to your CD) ...
Thanks again from my heart and I hope to have the opportunity to listen to you  again!



Hi, I saw your performance on Friday 19th in the church of San Vigilio in Col San Martino (TV). I wanted to congratulate with you for the excellent interpretation of the various songs that I and the friends who have accompanied me, greatly appreciated. It was due to  the atmosphere of the lovely place, maybe,  but I can only say that we spent two wonderful hours. Congratulations again to all three and also to the narrator. I hope to be able to listen to you again soon. Sincerely.


Last night I was in the front row with a friend, you have been  wonderful, I am not so experienced in music, but I like to listen to it and as a profane can do, I must say that you can  spread unique emotions. By.


Hello, my name is Alberto and I'm 13 years old. I wanted to send you my congratulations for the concert in Trebaseleghe: "sweet feeling .." I wanted to thank you for the great performance you made. For the emotion I got home and I started playing what I heard ....